Acoustic Sliding Partition

Leading manufacturer & suppliers of Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition, Movable Wall Partitions, Movable Walls & Movable Partition, STC Rating up to 55, in India Delhi. Wall Partition System.

Acoustic sliding folding wall partition or movable wall partition manufacturers and suppliers that provide the key to competent management of your space, and ECOTONE™ has the range and the expertise to provide the opportunity for you to make the very best use of the space available. Choosing ECOTONE™ offers you the assurance that the Acoustic Movable Wall you receive has been constructed to the highest specification at our wholly owned factory

ECOTONE™ Manufacture Acoustic sliding folding walls partition or Movable Wall up to 11 Meter Height, STC rating up to 55 STC, Center Stacking, Side Stacking as per site requirement And Finish of Movable wall will be Raw MDF, Mica Laminated OR Fabric Finish as per client’s / Architects choice to match with interior.


  • Partition thickness: Panel with concealed edge profiles: thickness 85 / 100 mm depends upon height of movable wall
  • Individually operated, top hung panels, purpose made to suit any opening size upto 11 meters high.
  • Width: Up to 1230 mm as standard.
  • No floor track.
  • All aluminum tracks and frames are of clear anodized extruded architectural-grade 6063-T6 alloy
  • Single roller / double roller system depending height and stacking at site
  • Range of sound insulation coefficient:55dB(A)
  • Interlocking male / female trapezoidal vertical aluminium profiles, for soundproof connection between elements.
  • Spring load retractable sound seal at the top and bottom element.
  • Face panel hung in acoustic free suspension, for improved sound insulation, easy
  • redecoration of surface panels. Edges shall be protected with Aluminium profiles.
  • Easy element adjustment after installation.
  • Extend / retract range of final closure seals ≤150mm
  • Track system shall be Extruded aluminium, maintenance free with heavy-duty ball bearing steel rollers.
  • Retractable top and bottom seals, able to deal with floor level differences up to 20 mm.
  • Mechanically operated by worm screw driver providing 2Kn of pressure for optimal acoustic performance.
  • Surface panel shall be of 12mm / 16mm ( depending on height)   MDF with acoustic treatment to the required level
  • Consists of required full wall elements and telescopic elements with 2-point suspension system with steel-roller, extruded aluminium track.
  • MS Structure support in between RCC slab and False ceiling to hang sliding channel at false ceiling level
  • Steel Work covered with noise barrier baffles to control noise propagation from one side to other side
  • Apply to Star-hotel, multi-function hall, Auditorium, large meeting room center, etc.