Technical Details / Features

Each Panel shall be suspended on Extruded 6063 – T5 Anodized Aluminum Track, Steel Cold Ball Bearing Rollers / Trolley of material nylon wheel made with the base Material of POM 45 tempered steel , maintance free with multiple Balbearing. The individual element is adjustable in height without opening of the ceiling.
Retractable Pressure Seals
The panel once positioned will realize a sealed effect via retractable pressure seals. The seals can be easily controlled or locked by means of simple on-site operation, which means users can turn the waist-high operating handle to extract the pressure seals. The handle of partition wall rotate a locking bar inserted from the panel edge and the top and bottom seals can be simultaneously controlled. It is important that the soundproof pressure seals can be properly extended to achieve excellent sound insulation effect. Vinyl Seal of Butane Rubber will be used at top and bottom and as well as Closure Seals for the Operable wall system. Retractable seal drop will be 20 mm.

Telescopic Panel

Telescopic Panel is the extension sleeve on the last panel, the final closure of partition wall is achieved. The telescope movement shall be due to telescopic lock meantime, the rubber sealing strips on the top and bottom and at side of telescopic panel can simultaneously extend to cover gap at top , bottom and at end , the side rubber sealing strip will be tightly closed to the wall, thus reaching the overall sound insulation effect.

Rubber Sealing Strip

The EPDM rubber sealing strip is used to seal the gap between the sliding panel top and the track as well as the gap between the sliding panel bottom and the floor. It is a widespread and effective acoustic barrier and control noise propagation from one side to other side of movable wall which will give silence ambiance.

Panel Sealing

The sealing of two adjacent panels is achieved via the tongue & groove joint profiles, in which rubber gasket will be used to ensure and control noise leakage and tight interlocking between panels of the partition wall.
There will be a 20-25mm gap between the top of panels and the bottom of the head track when the wall panels are moved. Similarly, the gap also exists between the bottom of panels and the floor. Means Retractable seal drop will be 20 mm – 25 mm .
The pressure seals are operated by Retractable Mechanism to move Top and Bottom Seal Manually Operated by a Handle inserted in the Panel Stile, Turning the Handle through 45 degrees shall simultaneously Extend or Retract the Top and Bottom Seals through steel and Spring Mechanism which shall firmly hold the Seals in the Retracted or Extended mode By installing the retractable pressure seals on the top and bottom of panels, excellent sound insulation effect is achieved when the panels are positioned. The overall sound insulation effect can be achieved via the extension sleeve on the last panel and the tight sealing of the top and bottom seals.